The terms and conditions of service applicable to Tone century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Tone century") operated panoramic camera related to PC and mobile phone control software (hereinafter referred to as the "products"). Tone century in this remind you before using the product, please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the "terms of service" (hereinafter referred to as the "terms"), in particular to the exclusion or restriction of the terms of the responsibility in the Tone century. Your use will be deemed to agree and accept the terms and conditions.

1. Providing services

By the Tone century product plan according to the actual situation of land to provide the following services:

(1) To connect the Anole camera, panoramic preview, panoramic camera and panoramic video;

(2) View the panoramic video and photos taken in the local album;

(3) Download the APK file from the server to upgrade the product;

Installation and use of this product is to become a user, you need to own in the use of the product in the process of all activities and events responsible for all. If the product's use is out of your control due to your negligence, then the damage will be caused, and you will take full responsibility for the damage. You need to purchase and use the equipment related to the product and bear the other costs, such as the access to the Internet and pay telephone charges and broadband fees, etc..

In order to give the user more feature rich, Tone century retained without prior notice to the product service content modifications and improvements to the right.

2. The use of rules

You must observe the following rules when using this product:

(1) To comply with relevant state laws and policies, etc., to safeguard national interests and to protect national security;

(2) To comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures relating to this product;

(3) The use of this product for any illegal purpose;

(4) Should not be products used by others and separated from the user control, if due to hacking or user's negligent storage as a result of the unlawful use and Tone century is not liable.

(5) The user is liable for all acts of this product, if by user behavior lead to itself or any third party for any loss, Tone century does not undertake the responsibility;

(6) Should not use this product for any system is not conducive to Tone century behavior;

(7) Any account security vulnerabilities or illegal use, shall immediately notify the Tone century;

(8) May not use any means to automatically or manually access, access, copy or detect the product or part of the content, or scan, detect the weakness of the product.

(9) Users to understand and accept the Tone century provides services may include advertising, user agrees to in use in the process of Tone century and third-party suppliers and partners to provide advertising display.

(10) Should be provided by Tone century service for any violations of the privacy of others, may cause harm to persons or property of others;

(11) Not provided by Tone century service to upload, display or transmit any false, sexual harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, vulgar and obscene or any other illegal information.

(12) Should not be infringed Tone century and other any third party's patent, copyright, trademark right, right of reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests.

Such as user in using the service in violation of any of the above principle, Tone century have the right to request user correct or directly to take all necessary measures, including but not limited to change or delete the contents of user, suspend or terminate the services to users of the right) to relieve the user from the improper behavior caused by the influence of.

3. Service interruption or termination

1). In order to improve the product content and improve your user experience, Tone century from time to time on the product of maintenance, upgrades, or adjustment, which may cause break down, stop the normal operation of the product.

2). In the event of any of the following situations, the Tone century without any interruption or termination of the operation of this product should be notified to and therefore caused inconvenience or loss, Tone century does not assume any responsibility for:

(1) Regular inspection or construction, update the product;

(2) The server is damaged and cannot run normally;

(3) burst of hardware and software equipment failure;

(4) Network provider lines or other failures;

(5) Live broadcast of the rights and interests of other users and the three parties in violation of laws and regulations;

(6) force majeure and other third party reasons.

3). In addition, except as otherwise stipulated by law, you agree to keep Tone century to product announcement of prior notice interruption or termination of the services provided by all or part of the products, Tone century is not liable.

4). If a new version is released, you may need to upgrade all or part of the product. Tone century does not guarantee that the new version of the function in the old version can continue to use, so you should according to timely reminder of the need to update the software upgrade. You will be responsible for the damage or loss caused by the time you have not updated in time.

4. Accounts, passwords and security

Certain features of this product may require you to create a user name and password. You have the obligation to keep a personal user name and password, password reset regularly, and to use your personal computer to make restrictions. You are not allowed to transfer your user name and password in any form. If the user name, password, etc. are copied, stolen, or unauthorized to use because of your bad management, you agree to bear the losses and liabilities that may be suffered.

5. Intellectual property rights

1) in addition to upload the contents of your law, enjoy the Tone century in connection with the products and services of copyright, trademark right, patent right. Including not all message content, words, picture, flash, video, music, extra software, within support document, data, technology, software, programming code and related products.

2) Without Tone Vision’s official agreement, should not copy, modify, rent out, sell, spread and any other way of using Tone Vision’s intellectual property, or use Tone Vision’s intellectual property to any business way. Also do not reverse engineering, recompilation, disassembling, or any other discover, extract and transform source code.

6. Privacy rights policy

Protect user’s privacy is one basic policy of Tone Vision. We’re sure do not closed to public or any third party provides a single user while using service non-public content stored in Ton Vision. Except for below conditions:

(1)  The user authorized in advance.

(2)  To maintain the social public interests.

(3)  Follow the relevant laws and regulations requirements.

(4)  To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of security of Tone Vision.

(5)  Follow the requirements of the relevant government departments.

If Tone Vision cooperate with a third party and the third party agrees to take the responsibility for user’s  privacy rights with Tone Vision, we have right supply the data to the third party while user using service and storage their data to Tone Vision.

7. Disclaimer
1) In the legal maximum allowable range, this product or any content of the products, services or functions are provided "according to the status quo, there may be defects, errors or failures. Tone Vision doesn’t supply all content of this product or this product for any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to, suitable for a particular purpose, merchantability, quality satisfaction without infringement of third party rights guarantee.
2) In addition to the forbidden by law, in any case Tone Vision does not use this product or any content with the product, service, or functions, leading to any special, incidental, incidental or indirect damages to compensate. Even though Tone Vision have been told such damage may occur, including but not limited to, commercial loss of profit, loss of data or document produced by the loss, personal injury, privacy, for failing to perform, including integrity or reasonable discretion, any responsibility, because of the negligence or other losses.
3) Use this product to be connected to the Internet, please pay attention to prevent network security risks. Because of network attack, hackers and virus infection causes will lead to abnormal operation, information disclosure, loss of data or other problems; you hereby agree to take a risk on its own.
4) While using of this product may need to third party software or service support, may be caused by a third party communication line fault, technical problems, the network interruption, terminal malfunction, or other emergency system instability. Tone Vision doesn’t have guarantee of safety, accuracy and effectiveness of the third party service and other uncertain risks. If it has any dispute or causes any damage, Tone Vision is not responsibility for it.
8. Responsible for violation
If you have, in violation of applicable law or payment behavior under this article, Tone Vision has rights according to the behavior nature, without prior notice to include but not limited to, the interrupt service, restrictions on the use and termination of service, shall be investigated for legal responsibility and agree to bear all caused cost to Tone Vision.
9. Others
1) The formation of this clause, such as validity, interpretation, performance, and any terms and conditions will apply the law of the People's Republic of China. Relating to or caused by this clause any dispute, both parties hereby agree to submit Tone Vision is located of the people's court litigation. You agree to accept the jurisdiction of such courts and irrevocably to abandon all opposition.
2) If this clause whether fully or partially invalid for what reason, or violates any applicable law, then isolated from the clause and the part is regarded as invalid, but the rest of the payment under this article and its effect on the binding and are not affected.
3) Tone Vision reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions. Revised terms will be published on Tone Vision’s official website. If you continue to use this product, as you accept the terms and conditions of the revision. When the dispute will be subject to the latest version, you agree it.
4) If you need any support, please contact us in time. Our email:  
5) In the legal maximum allowable range, Tone Vision have the right of this clause possessing the right of interpretation and modification