1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the Anole360 (app) run by Shenzhen Tone Vision Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tone Vision").

1.2 Before installing and using the software set forth above, please carefully read and accept the User Service Agreement and the privacy policy ("Privacy Policy", Attachment I). If version V1.2.0 or a later version of this software is installed and used, clicking on the "Register" button, is your agreement to abide by this Privacy Policy, and you promise and acknowledge that you have the right, entitlement and ability to agree with and follow this Privacy Policy. If a version prior to V1.2.0 of this software is installed and used, using of this software indicates your implied consent and acceptance of such User Service Agreement and Privacy Policy. 1.3 Unless otherwise defined or requested by the context, all professional terminologies in this article shall have the same meanings as in the User Service Agreement.

2. Collection of Personal Information

2.1 In order to normalize the running of software, to assist in your use of the software and participation in the activities of this software, the service provider Tone Vision asks you to provide personal information (information that can be used to identify yourself, which is provided independently or together with other information) as the user of the software, including but not limited to:

2.1.1      Your nickname

2.1.2      Your avatar

2.1.3      Your e-mail address

2.1.4      Other personal information

2.2 Anole360 (app) will collect such personal information and place it under the control of Tone Vision. Specific details (on the use of this personal information) are listed in the 5th section of this Privacy Policy.

3. Collection of Other Information

3.1.     Tone Vision may collect other information related to your use of this software, such as:

3.1.2      How you use this software, including the pages you have browsed while using the software;

3.1.2 The IP address and information you used when entering the software, such as the MAC address, GPS address, type of the mobile intelligent terminal, screen resolution, operation system and its versions, manufacturer of the device and its model, language, Internet Explorer and its version, and the name and the version of the software you are using, and the time when the photo was taken, etc.; and also

3.1.3 Tone Vision may also collect or edit your other information on the basis of summarizing and eliminating identification information (such as session data, number of registered users or statistics of population collected with Cookies and pixel labels). Information collected through the activities set forth above will be deemed as non-personal information by Tone Vision, excepting other requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Tone Vision may provide comprehensive information on how the software is utilized by the user and the viewpoints provided through the software to their partners for them to obtain knowledge such as frequency and amount of software usage by the users and user activities. For the clarification of doubts, under these terms, Tone Vision will only use this information for lawful purposes and the overall information provided to the partners will not point to any specific user. We may also use or share with a third party any overall information that we collect having no identifying characteristics for lawful purposes.

3.2 Tone Vision will never lease or sell any user's personal information to any one. Tone Vision will only share or disclose the personal information of the users under the circumstances set forth in these Privacy Policies.

4. Use of Cookies

4.1   Tone Vision will use specific tools to collect your information when you use our software. Such tools will be used to store the small text information in your computer or cellphone, i.e. Cookies. The Cookies technology used by Tone Vision will neither obtain personal e-mail addresses nor any personal information.

4.2   Cookies are primarily used to improve your experience of using the software and websites, to offer customized demonstration options to you, to provide a statistical report of network activities, or to guarantee the security needs of software and websites. We also use Cookies to pre-load relevant content.

5. Use of Personal Information

5.1 Without disclosing the private information of an individual user, Tone Vision has the right to analyze the whole user database and commercially utilize it, including but not limited to the processing and usage of your personal information based on the following purposes:

5.1.1      To process the registration application for your usage of such software;

5.1.2      To provide such software and relevant functionality to you;

5.1.3      To complete your application and reply to your questions;

5.1.4      To send relevant information to you, such as changes of our terms, conditions and policies;

5.1.5      Relevant promotion or tests of the activities that you choose to participate in;

5.1.6      Functions to promote social sharing;

5.1.7      To analyze and monitor software usage for improvements;

5.1.8      To help safeguard software security, preventing fraud and guaranteeing our policies;

5.1.9      To personalize the software for your convenience;

5.1.10    If you agree and if the law permits, to contact you and make you aware of other relevant products and services or the products and     services of our affiliated companies, and also the seminars and interest groups relating to such products and services;

5.1.11    To provide other activities upon your agreement;

5.1.12    To provide functions such as "Share" and "Synchronization" in the software; and

5.1.13    To conduct data analysis, audits, develop new products and analyze usage trends, to judge the effectiveness of our promotions and   to operate and expand our commercial campaign.

5.2   Personal information stored in the servers of Tone Vision will be retained for a necessary period and the entire duration for which you      are provided with the software services. Furthermore, personal information originating from accounts that have been terminated will be retained according to the provisions of law or for the requirements of resolving disputes, troubleshooting, assistance in any investigation, and for the purpose of implementing other actions under these terms and other agreements as permitted by the law.

6. Sharing of Personal Information

6.1 Tone Vision ensures that the registration profile of a single user and the non-public content stored in Tone Vision while they use the services will not be disclosed to the public or provided to a third party, except under the following circumstances:

6.1.1      Sharing with a third party that collaborates with Tone Vision to provide relevant services to the user, provided that such third party agrees to undertake an equivalent responsibility in protecting the user's privacy;

6.1.2      Sharing with third party sponsors that you choose to promote campaigns or tests;

6.1.3      For the purpose of complying with the provisions of applicable laws or other legal obligations;

6.1.4      For the purpose of public interest and/or the requirements of governmental authorities;

6.1.5      To protect the rights, operation or property of yourself, our employees, and that of other users and individuals;

6.1.6      To investigate, prevent, or deal with clandestine or suspicious illegal activities relating to fraud and which threaten personal security, or actions that violate the provisions of software terms and conditions;

6.1.7      To guarantee the performance of the User Service Agreement, and other agreements to which Tone Vision or the user is a party;

6.1.8      Sharing with other affiliated companies when permitted by law;

6.1.9      Sharing with the purchaser (or potential purchaser) that acquires Tone Vision (or its majority assets), including business mergers and internal acquisitions;

6.1.10    Your agreement in other circumstances.

6.2    Please note that all information (including personal information) uploaded to the public areas of the software are able to be seen, collected and used by other visitors. You are responsible for any personal information that you choose to upload to the public areas of the software.

7. Your Choices

7.1 You have the choice of not providing personal information when using this software. However, if the requirement for such information is not optional, and your choice is to not provide the required personal information, then it may not be possible for you to use specific functions of this software.

7.2   You can choose to not subscribe to links or to refuse e-mails sent by Anole360 (app) in the e-mail information, but you should note that  you will not be able to participate in all activities of the software if you make such a choice.

7.3   You can configure your browser to refuse Cookies, or to notify you when Cookies are run. However, if you disable the use of Cookies, the software may not function normally.

8. How to View or Edit Your Personal Information

This software allows you to view and edit the personal information you have entered. In addition, you can use the e-mail address at the end of the Privacy Policy to contact us so as to make requests or to ask us to update or correct personal information collected through this software. Please note that in accordance with relevant laws, Tone Vision may retain and use your personal information for auditing purposes to resolve disputes, to assist investigations, to guarantee our policies or to comply with the requirements of the law. Please note that we are not responsible for agreeing with your modification, updating or deletion of the personal information that you provide to third parties, including any applications, or social network software.

9. Our Safeguarding of Your Personal Information

9.1 Tone Vision utilizes security technology to protect personal information collected through the software, and such technology includes firewalls and a set of Internet data security protocols (SSL). We maintain a physical, electronic and procedural guarantee of security in to protect personal information.

9.2 As set forth above, although Tone Vision attempts to protect the personal information of all users to ensure that the personal information of each user is kept confidential, it is still not able to guarantee the absolute security of the users' personal information. Unauthorized invasion or use, fault of hardware or software and other factors are all capable of threatening the security of the users' information at any time, and the user must be aware of, understand and assume such a risk.

10. Transferring to A Buyer or Liquidator

To the extent that all or virtually all assets of Tone Vision are purchased or that the company enters bankruptcy proceedings, the users be aware of and agree that their personal information will be transferred to the relevant third party buyers or liquidators. Users also know and agree that before the completion of such transaction, Tone Vision may share their personal information to promote such a transaction.

11. Link Services

This Privacy Policy does not involve, and at the same time we are not responsible for, the privacy, information and other operations of any third parties, including websites or services linked to by the software but operated by any third parties. The contents which are pointed to by the links in the software do not indicate that Tone Vision approves of their websites or services. Please note that we have no responsibility for the collection, usage and disclosure policies and operation (including data security operation) of other organizations, including personal information that you disclose through this software to other organizations.

12. Modification of this Privacy Policy

We have the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time by means of issuing a new Privacy Policy.

13. Retention Period

13.1   We will store your personal information within the period as specified in this Agreement, unless a longer retention period is required or allowed by relevant laws and regulations.

13.2   Under the circumstances below, Tone Vision will delete or destroy the personal information collected, and make it impossible for it to  be recovered with technical methods:

13.3   Having achieved the goal of collecting and processing users' information;

13.4   Permanent termination of Anole360 (app) business.

14. Sensitive Information

We ask you to send sensitive personal information in other ways instead of through the software, or release such on the software (such as social security numbers, information about race or ethnicity, political stance, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal records or union staff identity).

15. How to Contact Tone Vision for Privacy Issues or Withdrawal of Consent

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our privacy practices, or wish to contact us, or to withdraw consent to the collection, usage and disclosure of your personal information by Tone Vision for any purpose, please contact us in the following manner:

a Specific issues related to personal accounts of the software or users (including acquiring own personal information, or withdrawing consent to collecting, using and disclosing personal information), please send an e-mail to support@dinhey.com;

b General inquiries or complaints about privacy issues, please e-mail to support@dinhey.com.

16. Authorization List

You hereby agree that Tone Vision shall collect, use, store and transfer your personal information (including location information) based upon the privacy policies as set forth above.